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Since our founding in 1985, an important part of BCAC’s mission has been to provide the Greater Bridgeport community with a comprehensive assessment of the lives of children through our annual State of the Child in Bridgeport report. As we continue to expand our assessment to a Two-Generational approach and modernize the data you see, we hope you’ll find this information as useful and telling as we do.

Download your copy of the 2018 State of the Child in Bridgeport Report Here!

Historically, Bridgeport’s 34,555 children fare worse than their counterparts statewide and in Fairfield County on just about every social and economic indicator. In 2015, 32.4% of Bridgeport children lived below the Federal Poverty Level ($20,090 or less for a family of three). In the State of the Child in Bridgeport report, you’ll find information on:

•    Juvenile justice and safety
•    Poverty
•    Economic insecurity
•    Early childhood, elementary, middle school, high school, and adult education
•    Health, well-being, and so much more.

For over thirty years we’ve provided Bridgeport with highly valued and comprehensive reports. See what makes the State of the Child report so special today!


2017 State of the Child

2016 State of the Child

2015 State of the Child

2014 State of the Child