When a child or family’s health care needs go unfulfilled, it is incredibly difficult for them to function properly.  Access to high-quality health care is a dynamic human rights issue, and remains an essential cornerstone of a child’s wellbeing.  When children develop healthily, their cognitive, social-emotional, and behavioral health are stronger and can more easily propel them to a higher quality of life.  Public health initiatives have aided in the decline of health care issues both local and statewide, but Bridgeport still has far to go to substantially lessen its high level of chronic illnesses and major health care disparities among children and families.

BCAC’s recent work in the area of health and health equity includes:

  • Conducting outreach and education about HUSKY state health care, assisting families with screening and enrollment, and coordinating the HUSKY Collaborative for health care and social service providers.
  • Helping state agencies improve access to health care and safety net social services for low-income residents.
  • Tracking health care legislation, influencing lawmakers, submitting formal testimony, and conducting community and media outreach.