The Empowering People for Success program (EPS) is a statewide welfare to work program of the Connecticut Council of Family Services Agencies. The program is designed to assist current and past recipients of TANF-Temporary Aid for Needy Families achieve self-reliance and healthy inter-dependence through intensive, solution focused case management and care coordination that identifies and reduces the effects of barriers to sustained employment.

Our Mission

EPS is dedicated to empowering TANF families to become self-sufficient through eliminating the effects of barriers to employment, ensuring that clients have a full set of life skills, assisting clients to achieve the necessary level of education for their desired careers, assisting clients to obtain employment, decreasing the utilization of public funds, and minimizing risks to children through improving family safety. The program is committed to identifying family strengths to succeed in employment, education, and community building.

Eligibility Requirements

EPS is a referral program only. The Department of Social Services and The Department of Labor (Jobs First Employment Services Program) are the two referring agencies for EPS families statewide.