Lawrence J. Ganim, President & CEO of Ganim Financial

Larry Ganim joined the LifeBridge Board of Directors in 2005, serving as Chair from 2013– 2015, and continues to be active on the board today.  Larry was born and raised in Bridgeport. His father owned a nursery in Bridgeport and Larry chose to build his business in the city where he grew up.  From an early age, a strong commitment to his community has been a main direction of their lives, Larry was proud to establish the Ultimate Gift Fund which is designed to help people who run into a bump in the road.  If the person agrees to work with LifeBridge in order to address the underlying cause of their struggles, only then are they eligible for the Ultimate Gift.

This resonates with Larry because when he decided to start his own company, he went from having a steady paycheck to negative income, all while supporting a family. People gave him a helping hand with wisdom, guidance, and money.  In return, he has a passion is to empower people to change their situation and let’s be honest, we all need a little help along the way.

In addition to the establishing the Ultimate Gift Fund, his company provides an annual scholarship to one deserving Park City Prep graduate. Larry also serves on the Board of Directors for the Bridgeport Regional Business Council (BRBC), and is a past Chairman of Connecticut’s Zoological Society.  He is a past Chair of the Bridgeport Chamber of Commerce and Past Chair of Connecticut Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors

Larry Ganim founded Ganim Financial over 34 years ago with one basic goal in mind – to add value to people’s lives.  Larry knows that by helping one person, the ripple effect of that outcome can positively impact families, businesses, and communities for generations.

His areas of expertise include Wealth Management, Business and Estate Planning, Health and Employee Benefits, and Retirement Planning. Larry received his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Connecticut in 1979.  He currently resides in Trumbull with his wife.